Mushing the Westin Hotel

Hello everyone,  There have been times when we as mushers have been treated as country bumpkins with a few screws loose and a bunch of dogs.  Just thought you’d like to hear about my encounter with the Westin Hotel.

Sat March 12, the Westin Hotel was the site for the “Dragon”s Den” TV show auditions.  Hoping to get funding for my publishing business and a better more cost effective way to produce and market the book Five Dog Night, I decided to go down and try out.  With the “Mushmobile” (an adult sized pedal type tricycle) in a trailer behind my Jeep, I needed to get there early to find a pull-through parking spot in a lot.  I arrived and unloaded “Little Girl” my soon to be 15 year old publicity hound and sled dog from the original trip across Canada.  We hitched up and drove through downtown traffic to the loading zone in front of the Westin Hotel (Big fancy place).

The front doors were open, as a packed crowd waited patiently for their vehicles to be brought round.  The Valet rolled his eyes at me as I loudly enquired if the Hotel had Valet parking for a dog team.  That had the crowd chuckling!

He said I’d have to ask his boss at the front desk, so I parked and went in dressed in my ceremonial best parka, muklucks and beaver gauntlets.  Explaining that I was there for the Audition for Dragon’s Den, they told me that I was welcome to drive the dog and mushmobile in to the audtion room.  Out I went and proceeded to mush into the foyer.  A hotel employee stopped me and told me that I’d have to leave the Mushmobile at the front entrance as I would never get it up the stairs.  I informed him that “never” is a word that dosen’t apply to us, and merrily drove in to the stairs.  Then I stopped and hooked up our hill climbing rig, enabling the dog team to steer the mushmobile and proceed up 3 small steps, onto and landing and them 3 more steps.  That was nothing compared to all the steps in front of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

After all that the Audtion was no trouble, and when we were done the Producer stuck out her hand and congratulated us on the most unique presentation they had ever seen.  Now we just wait for them to complete auditions and notify those selected.  Wish us luck.

Happy Trails wherever you mush, Linda Fair

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